Week 1 - 2
In these first two weeks, Mr. Mancell taught us how to tune our guitar. I honestly hate tuning guitars but well.....
I'm playing two songs Mr. Mancell gave us with Olga & Mike. Yay new friends :-D
I'm so nervous for performance day just because I don't like performing in small groups hahaha. Fingers crossed!
One group played one of my favorite song by A Day to Remember!!! Ahhh they're so good at guitar which is not fair because it's a bEGINNER GUITAR CLASS lol jk but on the bright side, they do motivate me to play better ok bye
Chord: Em, D
Songs: Something in the Air, Spanish Fandango

Week 3
Seems like no one's gonna play the song Mr. Mancell picked out for us this week... Haha oops :-p
Me & my group (still with M&O) decided to play Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. It's an easy song & we only have a week to practice. I think we'll do just fine on performance day. :-)
Chord: Am, G, Em, D
Song: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Week 4-5
Olga wasn't at school on Monday (boo Olga boo) so I tried practising Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars with Shirley and Yukimi but when Olga came back, we decided to play House of the Rising Sun. We needed chord F and we played the cheater F, which I still find quite hard to play. I hope I'll get used to bar chords soon...
Chords: F, E, A,
Song: House of the Rising Sun

Week 7-8
We HAVE to play at least one bar chord this week and my bar chords still sound awful :-(
I'm playing with Olga, Shirley, Yuki, Dennis, Ian, Laurel and Ryan this week. Wow what a group.
Update: Nope, not gonna play with all of them. We split up just because :-p
So yeah I'm playing with Olga, Shirley and Yuki.
Update: Paris joined our group! We're gonna play I'm Yours. It's a super funnnnnn song , definitely one of my all-time favorite :-)
We had two weeks to practice and we practised hard (-ish). I think our performance's gonna be great. For once, I can't wait for performance day!
Chords: E7, Am/G, Dm, G - Bar chord yay
Song:& I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Week 9
Still with Olga, Shirley, Yuki and jasmine - or the slackers, as Mr. Mancell would call us.
We tried playing Someone Like You by Adele and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri but we (or at least the ~majority~ of us) struggled with the chords & stuffs so we ended up playing Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. Olga and I practised this song awhile back, we couldn't really play it but now it's like a piece of cake! :-)
Hmmm now I'm craving for a cake. I hope we still have leftover birthday cake from my brother's birthday on Thursday.
Chords: Cm, Ab, Fm, C#
Song: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

Week 10-11
Shortened week this week and a four-day weekend is coming ahead! :-)
........but that means we'll only have four days to practice........
........and I'm gonna get my pregnant for a day suit on Wednesday and I'm sure it's gonna be hard playing guitar with the belly.....
So not looking forward to the belly day. We're probably gonna play Someone Like You this week. I'm not good at fingerpicking but I'll keep practising!
Update: yay we're not gonna perform this week because Mr. Mancell is gonna be away. More time to purrrrrrrractise!
+ Dennis is joining us too :-D
Chords: G, G/F#, E, C
Song: Someone Like You by Adele

Week 12-13
Yay i think we're gonna play Halo by Beyonce this week with Laurel :-)
It's pretty easy.
i love yuki sooooo much
^lol no :-p
Update: Well, turns out we've got another week to practice. Yay?
I'm gonna play with Yuki, Shirley, Olga, jasmine, Laurel & Ryan. Huge group...
Chords: G, Am, Em, C
Song: Halo by Beyonce

Week 14
Last week performances were all great! I think we can all clearly see how much we've improved so far which is good.
imma play the song i'm yours by jason maroz this time by my self with my edits
Chords: C, Em, G, D, Am
Song: i'm yours by jason maroz