My name is Laurel Chan. I like singing and talking. I'm grade 12 SO BOW BEFORE QUEEN LG.
Hopefully by the end of the semester I can sing and play guitar so I can serenade people :)
I used to play a traditional chinese instrument called a zhongyuan. It's basically like an uglier and heavier version of a banjo so hopefully that'll help me through the course. Although none of my grade 12 friends are in this class I will try to have fun with Mr Mancell because it's my last and final year with him :)

Monday September 17, 2012. This week I'm trying to learn how to play Grenade by Bruno Mars. But because it's a shortened week due to Pro D this friday i'm not sure if i'll have enough time. So maybe I'll learn how to play an easier song. Last week's performance was ooooooookaaaaaaay........ definitely not the best. I think most people in the class did a perfect job practicing on their own, except when it was performance day everybody just froze up. Hopefully everybody will do a better job this week! :) Something in the air - Tom petty only had the chords D and Em :D

Monday September 24, 2012, This week I've been learning Grenade by Bruno Mars with Ryan Arce. He's a pretty funny guy. We wrote out the song and lyrics with chords on a piece of paper then we practiced all last week. Because it was a shortened week last week, we had less time to practice so i'm not sure if the performance will be as up to par as I'd like it to be. BUT IT SHOULD BE OKAY. Senior sail was funnn lotsa good songs were played. But the best part of the night was laughing with Mr. Mancell laughing at how David Sherwood spilled a whole plate of food on the floor AHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. oh so funny. This week Ryan and I are planning on forming a group with Dennis, Yukimi, Shirley, and the other guy. LOLOL :D we learned Am, F, G, C and some finger picking

Monday October 1 2012. ITS FINALLY OCTOBER! THANKSGIVING LONG WEEKEND HORRAY! GOBBLEGOBBLE! this week me and ryan are learning Rolling in the Deep by adele. Then i'll be helping the koreans sing a duet for Falling Slowly. I LOVE THAT SONG. life is good right now. maybe i'll serenade my boyfriend or something because his brother has a guitar at home and im going to have turkey dinner for the time ever on thanksgiving! HORRAY! We still have another 3 periods to practice songs and i think me and ryan are pretty ready. Dennis Kim is going to join us while playing because he wants bonus marks so GIVE IT TO HIM MR. MANCELL! My fingers are pretty quick now compared to the first week. I'm trying not to cheat while I play the G chord and if I choose a song with an F chord next week I'll try to play the REAAAAAAAAL F chord and not cheat :) other chords we have are F, G, Am and E7

Tuesday October 9th 2012. I HAD SUSHI FOR THANKSGIVING. I was looking forward to turkey but sushi is just as good. Last week's Rolling in the Deep performance was really good! so much fun! This week we'll be doing a slower version of Nikki Minaj's Superbass. it'll be the clean version and a slower version, of course. It's basically going to be a really fast and quick song transformed into a cutesy melody. OH and my boyfriend came back from UVIC this week Mr. Mancell :D i played guitar for him with his brother's guitar. But I screwed up so he laughed at my effort. :( I was talking to Felix and Andrew last week and they were thinking about doing the four-chord song from the axis of awesome. BASICALLY its just a giant song mashed with hit songs with 4 chords and it just blends in effortlessly. If they keep their word I'll be doing the four chord song next week and it'll be awwwwwwwwwwwesome because you need 3 singers for it. If you don't know what it is you can just youtube Axis of Awesome - Four chord song. ANYWAYS. my performance will be awesome this week. look forward to it :D

Monday October 15 2012. AAAAH- laurelwelwel laurelwelwel Oct 15, 2012a new week and a new song. This week I'll be learning I'm Yours by Jason Mraz with Shirly, Ryan, Dennis, and Yukimi. I'm not sure if Ian and Dennis have another mind blowingperformance but all should be well. ANYWAYS, last week our chords used were Cadd9, G, D, Em. the Performancelastweekwaspretty good. BUT I BELIEVE IT IS UNNACCEPTABLE FOR PEOPLE TO PLAY 10 SECONDS OF 5 DIFFERENT SONGS. it's just weird and not fair to people who spend a week actually learning a complete song. MAKE A NEW BYLAW MR. MANCELL! Dennis said I'm Yours by Jason Mraz has bar chords so all should be good. If we have two weeks to learn a song maybe dennis will teach me and ryan another extra song.

Monday October 22 2012. there really isn't much to update. we're just practicing the same song and we're basically done. i'm planning on doing a duet with olga next week and have ryan and that other girl in our group. ryan wants to keep our group around 4 because he has trust issues. other than that I dont think anything has really changed. our group is abnormally huge though... and theres one person i DO NOT like and i think we all know who it is. the person thats always trying to leave the class. he's just annoying and doesn't play the same way we do. the song I'm hoping to play next week is an adolescense song. it's like one of those songs for the preteens/teenagers transitioning to being an adult and it's basically about self confidence. it's a really clean and pure song. The Jason Mraz song composes of 4 chords. C, G, E, and D. we're doing the G bar chord and then the rest will be the normal chords. Olga is singing most of the song because i want to give my voice a break :)

Monday September 29 2012. Paris intruded the group I was in before so i left the group. LOL now he's sticking in the same group as Yuki and Shirly so I dont think i'm doing the duet with olga anymore because i hate the way he strums AND ALSO MR. MANCELL I STILL DONT THINK ITS FAIR HOW PEOPLE LIKE MATTHEW GET AWAY WITH PLAYING 10 SECONDS OF TWO SONGS.... anyways this week I think me and Matthew are going to play Hey Soul Sister by Train. Ryan is a lazy bumb who doesn't do any research on songs so IM UNSATISFIED. ANYWAYS. i'm a keener so I printed off the lyrics last week already. Last week's performance was alright. Ryan wants a song that has more than 4 chords but is still not so difficult. So I guess I wont be playing that duet with Olga because I dislike Paris too much AHAHAHAHAH :D i'm such a wonderfully blunt person. I tried playing guitar with my boyfriend's brother's guitar but it was just too offtuned and I couldnt get it at the right note so it sounded horrible LOL. WRITE MY REFERENCE LETTER MR. MANCELL!

Monday November 5th 2012. MY VOICE IS BETTER :D. did you forget to watch my video Mr Mancell because I feel like you forgot about it and now I have a blank mark in my grade LOLOL.... Anyways the video we posted last week was pretty good! I'm not quite sure what we're going to be playing this week but it will still be epic. NO WORRIES. mmmmmm maybe we can play something by alicia keys. because i'm kinda tired of doing songs all sung and written by guys LOL. WHERE IS THE FEMALE INFLUENCE IN THE MUSIC WORLD? Or maybe something by Pink would be fun. Maybe we'll play Please dont leave me or Perfect. OR SOMETHING BY BRITNEY SPEARS. she has the most iconic songs. Well Ryan just wanted to play something with more than four chords so I'll have to see about that.

Monday November 13 2012. LONG WEEKEND WAS SOSO NICEEEEEEE. I heard you fell down the stairs mr mancell. WHAT HAPPENED. YOU BROKE YOUR LEG? get better soon. WELL me and ryan already had THIS LOVE chosen for today's performance. but you arent here so we have to choose what song we want to play next. Maybe fire flies by owl city would be fun.
Ryan just left me to choose a song by myself. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Monday November 19 2012. KYAAA another four day week. I think i'm learning Halo this week with Olga. Ryan will probably join. Anyway, we ended up performing on friday instead so now we're going to practice the beyonce song this week. Another thing, I NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND STUFF FOR MY UBC PERSONAL PROFILE MR. MANCELL. I think the guitar class is pretty good still even though you arent here but I would still rather have you instead of the substitute. LOL I think the Halo is a four chord song with Am, Em, C, D. I think paris is with us but at this point I dont really care me and Ryan can't agree on a song choice so we're kind of merging with Shirley and Yukimi's group LOL

Monday November 26 2012. WELL WE DIDNT PERFORM ON FRIDAY... I think we're going today? but me and ryan have already decided to be playing backstreet boys I WANT IT THAT WAY. because old school is the way to go. ALSO. MR. MANCELL NOMINATE ME FOR THE LANGUAGE LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPPPPPP. I think after this week I wanna play a finger picking song but i'm not sure. other than that I go to the BCIT workshop in two or three weeks so i'll be missing from school too. aaaaaaaaaaaand ya. GET BETTER the sub is so immature LOL........

Monday December 3rd 2012. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS DECEMBERRRRR. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. maybe i'll play that song next week LOL. ya so olga was sick so i ended up taking over for halo and i was skyping all night yesterday so my voice is dead. AND I SLEPT WITH MY EYES OPENED D: SO DRY. yaaaaaaaaaaa i dont see ryan here yet. nevermind he just came in. I REALLY WANNA DO CHRISTMAS SONGS. OZMGOZMGIUNLKSMGOSMEG maraiah carrey or britney spears LOL maybe get some jingle bells too. I love christmas but I hate shopping.

Monday December 10th 2012. MY UBC APP IS DUE TODAY. but I handed it in last week LOL. anyways the site keeps crashing so its fun to see my facebook newsfeed rage. WELL I WANNA DO A CHRISTMAS SONG. but the mariah carey song is too hard to sing and my voice is dying from the dry winter season. so maybe the britney spear's christmas song? Anyways, the performance last week was okay but my voice was dead. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so if we decide to do the britney spears song in the next 4 days the chords will be C, Am, F, G, Bm, F#m, E, D

Monday December 17th 2012. CHRISTMAS TIME SO FESTIVE. I LOVE IT. I hope you get back soon Mr. Mancell :D This week I wanna do something christmas for sure. I played Britney Spear's Only wish this year last week and it was pretty fun. I'm gonna dress like santa clause on friday like I do every year. This week I want to play either "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" or "Last Christmas". Christmas time so epic and fun I'm pretty sure two other groups will be doing christmas songs. BUT MINE WILL BE BETTER PUAHAHAHHAHA. Anyways, This shall be my last post before 2013 (IF THE WORLD DOESN'T END OF FRIDAY, OF COURSE) Get better Mr. Mancell and see you in 2013! :D

Monday January 7th 2013.
WE'RE ALIVEEEEE. glad to see you all better Mr. Mancell :). I got food poisoning from tim hortons the thursday before winter break so I didn't show up on friday LOLOL. I had a bad grilled cheese panini :(. anyway, we're starting our song writing unit today and honestly i'm not that excited. i'm not a poet and I know it. my song is probably going to be about food. BUT im not sure what ryan wants to do. buuuuuuuuut it will be good :)

Monday January 14th 2013.
Well we were planning to play Pink - Try this week, but I my voice is getting dry again so I want to do something in a lower pitch. I emailed you the song lyrics. I changed party in the usa - Miley cyrus. I changed the lyrics to aching bones, ligament failure, digestion, nauseua, heart issues. BASICALLY all health issues a person experiences happens in a short time span and the speaker is just totally confused. TWO WEEKS LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER MR. MANCELL D:... maybe I'll peer tutor your intro Jap 11s next semester LOLOL. Well kudos to you and your determination of coming to work even though you lug yourself around in a spinny chair.

Monday January 21 2013.
Ryan ditched me to go to a stupid basketball tourny on friday so I merged with the koreans last minute. We played Ne-yo's So Sick. Actually last week, ryan and me were planning to play Pink's Try, but then we decided that we both would rather play Neyo's song just because it was super memorable from back when we were in middle school. This week I'm not sure if I'll be here on friday because my family is renewing our passports and information so I might need to be out of school to get my pictures and all my signatures done. Eitherway, I want to play Auburn's Perfect two. You might be familiar with it because I think someone played this last week. BUT WE WON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO LEARN A NEW SONG. so maybe play grenade again by bruno mars? I remember there was some picking but I dont remember all too well.