Hey there, my name is Joel and welcome to my wikipage!
I started to play bass 5 years ago, but i chose to start playing guitar about 2 years ago.
I come from British Columbia and I enjoy to listen to classic metal and all different sub genres of metal. ( Thrash-metal, Death-metal, metal-core etc.)

Week 1, we practiced Something In The Air by Tom Petty. It was a very easy song to learn due to the fact it has only two chords and a very simple strumming pattern. We also did the Spanish Fantango that Mr.Mancell tought us to play.

Week 2, I decided to learn a song i really enjoy called " Little Lion Man" written by Mumford and Sons. I found this song in grade 8 and 've wanted to learn it ever since but I never came around to learn it. It was a fun song to learn and I hope the performance goes smoothly.

Week 3, for this week I chose to do the song "Hurt" written by Trent Resnor. I wanted to learn this song after I heard he gave it to Johnny Cash. I've always been a BIG fan of the man in black ( a true fan would get that ;) ) I'm going to be performing this song with Andrew and I think we'll make a duo todo this song. With his mellow sing voice and our combined guitaring, I know it's going to be good.

Week 4, I performed the song Last Kiss by Pearl Jam with David, Joel, and Micheal. We did a pretty decent job for a las minute performance ;)

Week 5, This week I'm still practicing Swing Life Away by Rise Against. I started this song last week because i like the simplicity of the chords but the challenge to learn the strum pattern.

Week 6, Last week Andrew, David, and I perforemed the song Swing Like Away by Rise Against. I think we did a rweally good job. This week I'm going to do

Week 7, On Friday, I performed a medly of two Three Days Grace Songs. Animal I have Become and Never Too Late. I perforemed this with Joel and David. I think we could have done better. I am also sad I can't do a song this week because I tore almost all the legiments in my left shoulder :'(

Week 8, So I'm sad to say I still can't play until next week. I really wanted to learn Hero of War by Rise Against, but I guess I can do that next week.

Week 9, So I still can't play this week, but I can go back to playing next week which I think is going to be pretty fun!

Week 10, So this week I am back and able to play! I really have no clue on what song I shall do. Im conflicted between "Goodnight Moon" by Go Radio and a faster paced song which I can't recall the name of.

Week 11, Last week I did end up performing but i did this really short german folk song that Felix tought me because I didn't think that I'd perform. For This week, I'm not sure wjat to perform.So I'll just post some other day when I figure it out

Week 12, Last week Andrew, Felix and I played Swing Life Away and we performed good until I messed up the strum pattern.... but this week I don't know what song I'm going to do, so in the mean time, Bye!

Week 13, The last performance before the break Joel, David and I performed a song by Johnny Cash. I don't know the name but we performed pretty well for a last minute show ;) This week I don't know what song i'm going to do but it should be good!

Week 14, So the past week I have been writing my song. The whole class have been doing the process of one verse or chorus a day. It makes writing the song in my opinion easier.

Week 15, Last week David, Joel and I performed Don't Stop Believing by journey. It turned out decent but not that good becasue it was lost minute. Buuuuut, This week I'm going to practice hard to learn a good song for my last performanc.