Hi, I'm Irene. This is the first time learning guitar.

Week 1- Something in the Air
: D, Em
pretty easy

Week 2 - Ila Ila (Juniel)
: Dadd9, Aadd9, E, F#m, C#7

Week 3 - Cherry blossoms Ending (Busker Buseker)
: Bm11, E7, AM7, F#m7

Week 6 - Speak now (Taylor Swift)
: G, D, Am, C

Week 7 - Love story (Taylor Swift)
: G, A, Bm, D, C

Week 8 - Hey, Soul Sister (Train)
: E5, A, C#m, B
It was hard to perfermonce because all of the chords were bar-chords.
Week 9 - My Love (Westlife): F, Em, A, C, G, Dm
Nice song!! One of a famous song to play

Week 10 - Officially missing you (by Tamia)
: G, F#m, B, Em, Dm7, Cm7 (finger picking)
Nice song

Week 11 - Loner (CNBLUE)
: Dm, Bb, C, F, E, A7, A
played with other groups It is a Korean song.

Week 12 - Chappsal (HaHa&10cm)
: C, G, F
Comic song

Week 13 - Last Christmas (by Wham)
: D, Bm, Em, A
good song for Christmas

Week 14 - Songwriting Exercise
I wrote my own song.

Week 15 - Way back into Love (by Hugh Grant, Haley Benneth)
: G, Em, Am, D7
Ost. recommand this movie!!