Um okay so my name is Dennis and uh.... yeah :) I don't really remember my first chord. It was probably the really easy G chord. I just joined class today so this is all I have done. playing guitar is a fun little hobby I guess aha I don't expect to go anywhere with guitar :P

September 17 2012
Last week we had our first performances on Friday! most of the class performed "Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers." & "Spanish Fandango" BUT I ended up playing Romance instead :) Romance was one of the first finger picking songs I learned. It's been about a year since I've started playing guitar and honestly I know that there are going to be many more years to come. Guitar is my all time favorite instrument and the only instrument I know how to play. I hope that one day I can reach the level of some of my idols.
Romance Video:

September 24 2012
Last week the class started learning "Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People" The class is yet to perform the song because of the shortened week we had. I will be performing the main for "River Flows in You by Yiruma" along with Ian, Shirley and Yuki as background finger picking. The chords to the song are F#, D, A and E through out the whole song.
River flows in you video:

October 1 2012
Last week was great. All of the performances were great! My group was able to play "River Flows in You" with almost no mistakes and the very small mistakes were made by me during the chorus. Performing in front of everyone is extremely nerve racking and for some reason my hands get so cold before a performance. This week I'm merging with Ryan and Laurel and we are going to be playing "Rolling in the Deep by Adele" the chords are Am, F, G, Em.
Rolling in the deep video:

October 9 2012
Last week I ended up playing 2 songs. One of them was "Rolling in the Deep" with Ryan and Laurel and the Other was "Count On Me by Bruno Mars" with Shirley, Ian and Yuki. The decision was actually very last minute but I was able to manage. the chords to "Count On Me" were: C, Em, Am7, Am7/G, F, Dm, Am. I played for two different groups so i get bonus bonus ;D
Count on me video:

Octobr 15 2012
Last week was very successful because instead of one song I played THREE (btw this should mean extra extra bonus ;D)The songs were "Sunflower by Paddy sun"(Ian and I played together) "Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars" (Yuki, Shirley and I played together. Chords were
C, E7, Am, G, F, Dm) and "Gangnam Style by Psy" The audience reaction to me playing gangnam style was great. Some clapped and some even sang along!
Gangnam style video:
October 22 2012
Last week the class just practiced because it was a short week. Me and a couple of others decided we wanted to play "I'm yours by Jason Mraz" but around half the class wanted to join so I completely ditched the idea. I practiced a plethora of songs but I'm not quite sure what I want to perform.
SHORT WEEK! no video
October 29 2012
Um I don't even remember which song I performed this week. Sorry I'm updating this late because my computer kept freezing at school so I gave up. I'm sure it was a good week. Performances are always a scary thing.
No video!
November 5 2012
Last week I performed a song called 'Twilight by Kotaro Oshio" It was one of my worst performances because of how many times I screwed up. That week I kind of didn't know which song to practice. This week the class is learning a song that must invlove two different bar chords. I will probably end up doing a finger picking song.
Twilight video:
Jazz version on piano:

November 13 2012
Last week we didn't have performances because of the shortened week. This week I still don't know what I want to play. Is that a bad thing? Maybe.. Anyways Yeah. Hopefully I find something cool to play. If I don't I'll probably end up playing with Laruel and Ryan or those asian girls and Paris.
No video this week!
November 19 2012
Last week I didn't bring my guitar so I didn't perform "Fight by Kotaro Oshio" like I planned. I just ended up performing "Someone like you by Adele" with Shirley, Paris, Yuki, Olga and Jasmine. This week I'll probably end up performing "Fight"
Someone like you:

November 26 2012
Last week I was suppose to play something but we had a long weekend so we didn't perform! I plan on performing fight this week!
No video~!
December 3 2012
Ay, it's finally december! today I wore a december-y sweater just to get into the mood that it's almost Winter break! I have no Idea what I'll be performing this week! I'll probably find a song by um....thursday! :D hab duh gud week
No video!
December 10 2012
Um last week I performed a song Called "Irony by Sungha Jung" it has a whole bunch of that "crazy guitar slapping stuff" again so people were like "daamn" I think I'm doing it too often... /: anyways yeahhhhhhh I don't really know what I'm gonna play this week
Irony video:

December 17 2012
This week I didn't prepare a song because I knew we wouldn't perform on the Friday!
No video!
January 7 2013
HAPPYYYYYYYY NEW YEAAARRRRR :D I had a great break.... that is all. This week I'll do whateverrrrr! jokess. So we're starting song writing this week. Sounds like it's going to be fun. :)
No video!
Janurary 14 2013
All we did last week was do some song exercises to help us make our own songs on the guitar. I think my song is done... maybe... We'll see if I want to change anything.. okay bye
No video!

January 21 2013
Last week I performed the song "Western Sky" by Lee Seung Chul with Ian!
Western sky video: