Hey I'm Shirley. :P I'm in grade 10!
I play the piano and a little bit of guitar! I'm studying piano grade 10 for RCM.
My goal for this course is to be able to play the guitar comfortably!

- Something In The Air (a.k.a "the D & Em song")
This song was super easy to play since I already knew the chords. I played this song last year in guitar class too!
- Spanish Fandago
This song was the "finger-picking song". I played this without actually making any mistakes.

- River Flows In You by Yiruma
This is actually a piano piece but we played it on guitar. The group members were Dennis, Ian, Yuki, and me. Dennis played the main melody and the rest of us finger picked the chords as the background. The chords were Em, C, G, D through out the whole song.

- Count On Me by Bruno Mars
I played this song with Yuki, Ian and Dennis. The chords were C, Em, Am7, Am7/G, F, Dm, Am. Yuki and I sang while we played which was part of the fun :D

- Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars
The chords were C, E7, Am, G, F, Dm. I thought I was playing this song with Yuki, but Dennis joined in at the last moment and we played all together. For the verses we picked the chords, and for the chorus we strummed.

- I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
At first our group members were Laurel, Yuki, Ian, Dennis and me. Later when Jasmine, Olga, Ryan and Paris wanted to join in, the group was split in half. So, MY group members were Yuki, Olga, Jasmine, Paris, and me. The chords were G, D, Em, C through out the whole song. Yuki and I played the intro!

-Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
I played this song with Yuki, Olga, Jasmine and Paris. We finger-picked through the whole song. We only used the bottom three strings, just like the Spanish Fandago. We were going to play Someone Like You, but we decided to save it for the following week.

-Someone Like You by Adele
The chords were G, F#/G, Em, C, D, Cmaj7. I played this song with Dennis, Paris, Yuki, Olga and Jasmine. We finger-picked through the whole song, and the girls sang together!

-Halo by Beyonce
The chords are A, Bm, F#m, and D through out the whole song. Our group members are Olga, Jasmine, Yuki, Laurel, and me. I don't know if anybody else is gonna join our group or not...
Also Yuki and I are learning Lonely by 2NE1, which is a Korean song. We're going to perform this whenever we're ready. I MIGHT be singing in Korean ( :$ ) and I think Yuki's gonna be singing in Japanese... I don't know for sure. This song is quite challenging for me.
-외톨이야 (I'm a Loner) by CN BLUE
-Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
- Lonely by 2NE1
I'm gonna play I'm a Loner with Sally, Min-jung and Irene. The chords are Dm, A#, C, F and A7. I'm pretty sure we're going to be singing.
I'm not really sure if Jasmine, Olga, Yuki and I are going to play Skyfall... We might change the song.
Yuki and I are still working on Lonely. Hopefully we'll perform it next week!
*We changed Skyfall to Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
- Lonely by 2NE1
- All I want for Christmas Is You
Yuki and I are still working on Lonely. We might perform it this week or next week...
Dennis, Yuki, Jasmine and I played All I Wan For Christmas Is You. Laurel sang with us during the performance. The chords were G, C, Cm, B7, Em, D, Am7, Am7/D.
Can't wait till Christmas!!! :D
Yuki and I are going to be working on Lonely this week.
Song Writing!!
- Lonely by 2NE1
I played this song with Yuki! For the verse we finger-picked and for the chorus we strummed. It was quite challenging but a lot of fun! Jasmine and Olga played so well!! :D I loved it <3