Hello my name is David. I have been playing guitar for a year now, and it's a pretty nice instrument. Other than the guitar, I can play the clarinet. Pretty sick, eh?

Week 1: Something In The Air by Tom Petty

Week 2: Grenade by Bruno Mars

Week 3: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Week 4: Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

Week 5: Swing Life Away by Rise Against

Week 6: Never Too Late+ Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

Week 7: Romanza Espanola

Week 8: Another Spanish Song

Week 9: ANOTHER Spanish Song
No video for this one - forgot the name :( was something like ejercitio in e minor
Week 10: I've Been Everywhere by Hank Snow (Stompin' Tom Connors Cover)

Week 11: Don't Stop Believing/Hey There Delilah