We learned "Something in the Air" and a finger picking song.
We learned two cords: Em and D

Week 2: F#m11,Aaad9,Daad9, E7, Bm11, G#m11,Am7
We played a korean song, 4 chords.

Week3: We played another korean song, we had two weeks of practice.
F#m11,Aaad9,Daad9, E7, Bm11, G#m11,Am7

Week 6: C,D,Em,G
In week 6, we performed 'speak now' by Taylor Swift. The cords are repeated.

Week 7: G,A,D,Bm,C
This is a song by Taylor Swift, "love story".
Bm is the bar cord. It has a simple strumming pattern.

Week 8:
E5, A, C#m, B
We played Hey,Soul Sister by Train.
All the chords are bar chords except E5.

F, Em,Am,C,G Dm
This song is called 'My love' by Westlife.
F is the only bar chord in this song.

Its a finger picking song: Officially Missing You by Tamia

Week11: Dm,Bb,C,F,E,A7,A
Loner by CNBLUE
Its a (k-pop). We played with shirley and yuki

Week12: C,G,F
Its a korean song made by an indi band and a comedian.

We played "Last Christmas" before the winter break.

We made our own song. The name of my song is "Good Friday" The chords are C,F,Dm,D,A, and G

Week 15: G, Em,C,Am,D7,D
We played "Way back into love" by Hugh Grant. This song was the OST of a movie(can't remember the name of the movie)
We were in a group of 3, Irene, Minjung and myself.