Passionate about music, travel, and fitness. Even though I love guitar, my musical talents are in piano. I used to teach piano, and I've been playing for 20 years.

I am a long-distance runner, and completed my third half-marathon in September 2012. I hope one day to run a full marathon. I also love to ski!


Traveling is always on my mind. This past summer I went to Europe for a month with my husband. I have been to many places, but my favorites have been France, China, Costa Rica, Amsterdam, South Africa and Alaska. This is a pic of me in Thailand.

My goals for this semester are to become a better guitar player, and to help and encourage my students to become the best guitar players they can be. I hope they finish this course with the basic skills of guitar playing, and continue practicing even when this semester is over.

Favorite song of the moment:

Paradise - Coldplay

Performance 1
Song title: Paradise by Coldplay

Album Cover - Final Project