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In 1999 I was a member of Gleneagle's first graduating class, and accepted a scholarship to run track and field (the 800m) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I studied chemistry for almost two years before taking elective courses in literature, and creative writing, and beginning a journey that would ignite a passion for music, writing, the outdoors, and education, a combination of pursuits I attempt to bring to my work as a teacher.

I picked up a guitar at twenty two years old, never having played a musical instrument, and have seldom missed a day of practice since. I truly believe that once a degree of competency is reached - hopefully quickly - a musical instrument is a lifelong, valued companion.

We are never done learning a musical instrument, or about music in general, and I hope that this semester provides you the platform to develop a lifetime of challenge and reward.

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"Daughter" by Pearl Jam