Hello world. I'm Liam St.Louis, also known as Liam the Saint.
This is a cool picture.
This is a cool picture.

I'm taking guitar because I figured at some point in the day I'd get sick of doing English and Math and Chemistry and Physics and wouldn't mind having a block to play guitar and maybe relax for a while. So I hope I can use this time to learn a bit of guitar and have some fun too.

About me...I'm not hugely into music, like some people. I like it, but my ipod tends to consist mostly of whatever music I happened to be thinking about the day someone buys me an Itunes card. I'm in choir and vocal jazz, and I used to play the saxophone and the piano(which I was apparently pretty spectacular at, before I quit). I want to learn a bit more about music, and do as much as I can with my guitar...what that is, I suppose I'll be finding out.

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