Hi i'm Garry and I am Korean.

Actually I took this guitar class already in last year.

But I like to playing guitar so I took this class again.

One weeks ago we were learn about D code and Em code.

And we played Something in the air and spanish song.

Last week

knocking on heaven's door

this week

Falling Slowly

Oct 9

we will do " Ban mal song"

Oct 15

wonderful tonight.

Oct 22

we are going to play let it be by beatles

Week 8: Practicing "Creep" by Radiohead. This song consists of 4 barcodes, differentiated with major and minor chords.

We are going to play Blue by BigBang

seven weeek
Rain and you by No Brain

eight week
mun ji ga de uh by kim gyang suck

nine week

ten week

Insomnia - huming uban stero
This song has a many bar code and its challenge for me. Actually, This song's style is like a kind of jazz music.
I don't really like this song of singer but this song of guitar song is really cool.
even this song will make you relax or comfortable.