Today is Septumber 17th, it's Monday.
Last week was a good week, I had a lot of fine. We learned some fingues pinking last week, it's no too difficult because it's just the juinor on.We learn a song named "Something in the air", it's a pretty great song. I played with three other chinese guys, and the all can played well.We got a full marks, I feel so happy.And we get a new song today, and we should play it on Friday, I will try my best.

Today is Septumber 24th, Monday again.
Last week teacher gave us a song named 'super man', but just a few people choose this song. Me and my team choose a chinese song named 'childhood'.It's a popular song in China, almost all chinese guys know this song. I practise it a lot because there is a test today,I want to get a good grade,keep doing something well.

Today is October 1st.
This week is a short week, it just has four days, so we should play our song on Thursday.We parctice hard and the some named 'ONE TIN SOLDIER' It's a song anout war. It's a easy song for person who played guitar before, but for me, it's not such a easy one.I should pay attention in the class in order to get a good grade.

Today is October 9th, it's Tuesday.
We didn't have classes yesterday, because it was Thanks Giving Day, I had big turkey dinner. This week we still don't choose a song to play,but I think it won't be too difficult for me if I work hard.Tomorrow I have a test for ESL, I need to work on it tonight. I need to get a good grade. Our 'One tin solder' get a good grade too.

Today is October 15th, it's Monday.
This week is a short week again, Friday is pro-d day. We haven't decide which song to play this week, but I think we can still play it well. I'm fingding some volunteer job to do now, I need 10 hours for volunteer times. Hope I can find a good jiob.

Today is October 22nd, it's Monday.
It's also an early day today, all the classes today will finish more faster. Yesterday was my 18-year-old birthday, I went to PNE Fight night on Saturday, I felt happy. We didn't play the song last Thursday, maybe today we well play it, the song was calld 'Loving' . And we should also prepare for the next song today. I feel so excited to the coming Halloween.

Today is the last Monday in October, it's 29th today.
Wednesday is Holloween, people will wear custom, they want to scared others.This week, our song's name is 'write poems for you.' It's a popular chinese song too. But I still cannot play it. I will keep working hard this week

Today is November 5th.
Short week again, we are all feel good about that. This week we will play a song named 'a small love song.' It shows us the love that the singer want to show to us. Last week, we didn' play as well as we thought, so we will work harder this week. And we just have four day so I think we have a lot of work to do.

Today is November 13th.
It's a short week, this week we will play 'I'm yours'. It' s a good song and not too hard to play. But we just have four days, so we still need work hard. I have vocab test on Friday, I hate it so much, need pay so much attention on it. Hope I can get good grades on both guitar class and ESL class.

Today is November 19th.
Today is an early day, we didn't do well on last week's proforment, this week is a small week too, so we will play a new song on Friday.And I also have a lot of homework due on Friday, It's really boring. Hope I can do every thing well.We will play 'count on we' this week.

Today is November 26th.
It's Monday. It's 4week before Chrismas, I will go back China in Chrismas. We will keep working at last week's song this week. Hope we can do better than last time we did it.

Today is December 3rd.
Today is an early day, and it's also three weeks left for Chrismas. This week we will play a chinese song named 'Compulsion'. We had already play it for a few days, I think we can play this well.

Today is December 10th.
Still have 12 days and I will come back to China for chrismas vacation. Im so happy for this, I miss my friends and my parents. Want to see them as soon as I can. This week we haven't decide what song to play, but we will still work hard to get good marks.

Today is December 17th.
Just 4 days left for Christams vacition. Last week we played 'count on me' and did a really good job. We haven't decide what song to play yet, and it's really tired this week, hope we can play a good job.

Today is 2013 January 7th.
It's the first day school after winter break.It's so tired today. I enjoyed myself with my friends. I came back to Canada on January 5th, and should start to study hard again.

Today is 2013 January 14th.
The last few weeks are difficult.We need wo write song by ourself, it's pretty hard for me.We need wo rewrite a song in the weekend, that's not too hard.Try my best to finish the last two weeks in this simister.

Today is 2013 January 21st.
This week is the last week for this semister, today is the last Monday.Last Friday we played a Chinese song,its name is like 'cannot control yourself to love', but I thought we didn't do it in perfect way.This Thrusday we don't have guitar class, becaues Thrusday and Friday are double-blook day, that means we will have a 2 hours
guitar class on Friday, enjoy ourselves.