I like paul, i gave him a toy car on friday and he forgot to bring it today, im sad. but he says its safe so its all good in the hood. i dont wanna be writing this, i finished english 12 already, im aidan, im 18, i like the colour green, i work at Chada Thai and its pretty great, when i graduate i plan on doing 2-4 years of college at douglas college studying criminology, and then im going to Depot to train to become and RCMP officer and hopefully advance into E.R.T (Emergency Response Team) after a number of years of duty, specializing in being a long range Sniper. uhm i dont really enjoy playing music, i like metal, rock and stuff like that, but still not playing any. Fine, i was gunna put a picture of a cactus but i cant figure our how so nevermind, u dont get a cactus. how long does this have to be? i think this is plenty of writing for me, ive told all i know. oh wait, you just said sports to someone, i used to wrestle but i tore my rotator cuff for the second time so i cant do that anymore which sucks, and you said we can copy paste pictures so ill find that cactus again

external image Cactus.jpg BOOM, Cactus.