I am a really beginner but I'm interested at the class.I hope in the semester ,I can get some guitar skills and
have wonderful experience.The kinds of music I like are rock and country ,they always give me some fun. So I want to learn some songs about the kinds what I like.
Well,I like some sports too. One of my favourite is soccer,it is a really fun and woderful .

performance 1
I am yours
Tom,Aaron, Jay

performance 2
Because of you

Last week we played eye of the tiger.
1.My work in our group is just show the song with teammates .
2.I think my performance is good.I practiced a lot and very hard.I did better than before.
3.Next time I will try to teach,not only show the song.

I choose just give me a reason from tutorial songs for this week
The song we wrote two weeks ago.The name is Sunshine.I wrote it with Jay.
Movie theme:Godfather
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