My name is Aaron Kwon, and I've been playing guitar for 1nd half year. I mainly play acoustic guitar, and classical guitar for sometimes. My goal is receive over 90% in this class ! :D I love to play Kotaro Oshio's musics. I used to performing at Live cafes&Restaurants in Burnaby. :D

Feb 13th.
- Practicing 'Twilight ' by Kotaro oshio for the performance on tuesday.
- Finger style playing.
- Finished half of the whole song.

Tutorial Video. part 1 part 2 part 3

whole song

Feb 20th
- Finished 'Twilight'.
- Started to practice 'Landscape'

Tutorial Video.

LandScape - Kotaro Oshio

Feb 27 th
- Keep Practicing Landscape (
- Finished song 'As the deer'

MARCH 25th
I'm yours - Jason Mraz


- Practice 'Red Shoes Dance' by Kotaro oshio (tutorial Video) (Song)

APRIL 23th
- Practicing SHIROHAE

April 30th
- Finished 'Shirohae'

May 6th.
Start to writting a my own song with Peter Yoo

May 21th
-Finished wrtting a song
- 'Father and Son' Practice
- looking for another songs to do performing ( which has at least 4 bar-chords)

May 28th
= Peter, Sae Young, Sally, Me. Group for Performence

Jun 6th
- Preparing for last performence with Peter, and Sae Young.
- We've done for 'Let it be' as a group.