min jung k

week1: we learned about "something in the air" and finger picking song

week 2: D7, Am, C#m, F#m11( Korean song: illa illa)

week3: Aaad9, Daad9, F#m11, E7 , AM7, G#m13, Bm11(Korean song blossom ending)

week6: C D G Em (song:speak now By: Taylor Swift)

week7:G, A, D, Bm, C (love story)

week8:E5, A, C#m, B three of the bar ( hey soul sister)

week9:F, Em,Dm, G, C, Am ( my love by: Westlife)

week10: Its a finger picking song: Officially Missing You by Tamia

week11: its a Korean song (Loner By: CNBlue)
Dm, A#, C, F and A7

week12: its a Korean song (rice cake By:10cm and HaHa)

week13: last Christmas


We made our own song. The name of my song is "She is ocean"

we played " way back into love"

G, Em, A, A7, D, C