I'm yuki. I'm in grade11. I can't play any instrument but I'm enjoying the guitar class !

My hobby is singing, dancing, shopping, and listening to music. i like any kind of music.

Week 1 and 2

- Something in the air / Chords used;D and Em

- Spanish Fandago (Finger picking)

Week 3

- River Flows in you by Yiruma

Em, G, C and D

Week 4 and 5

- Count on me by Bruno Mars

Chords used; C, Em, Am7, G/Am7, and F

Week 6

- Taking to the moon by Bruno Mars

Chords used ; C, E7, Am, F, Dm, and F

Week 7 and 8

- Im yours by Jason Mraz

Chords used; C, E7, Am, Am/G, F, Dm, and G

Week 9
paparazzi by lady gaga
finger picking

Week 10,11
someone like you by Adele
Chords used; C G Em F#/G D Cmaj7

Halo by Beyonce
i love jasmine! <333
Chords used; A,Bm,F#m, and D

-외톨이야 (I'm a Loner) by CN BLUE
Bouleverd of broken dreams byGreen day

All I want for christmas is you by Mariah Carey
played with Jasmine, Shirley, and Dennis
Olga wasn't there

lonely by 2NE1
still on the way to learn !!!!!!!
I'm going to play with Shirley and Dennis
this song really hard to me ;( I cant sing and play together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need practice more

I finally played Lonely with Shierly ! We did lots of practice for the song !! we finger-picked and we strummed.
I like peformance day because it's really fun ;)