Hey, it's Ryan Arce here with my first entry.
I will be learning guitar, from scratch, not knowing anything, and just starting from the beginning.
I will hopefully learn more along the way of the course and have some fun doing it.
In the future I hope that playing guitar will be a hobby of mine and be able to help others learn it as well.
So far, this week I have learned two chords which are "Em" and "D". I also have learned the song "Something in the Air".
We are learning guitar picking. I can't wait to learn more songs and chords later in the course.

September 17 2012
The first week of performances was a good week. I learned the songs "Something in the Air" and the "Spanish Vandango".
I liked both songs and thought the week was a success. We performed both of the songs on Friday and I thought I did well.
Made some mistakes, but those I can learn from. I can't wait for the new song this week to learn more chords and learn
new songs. It will be another finger picking song, which I do like. Hopefully I can do well for the performance.

September 24 2012
This week performances hasn't happened yet, but after I write this, I probably have performed. Laurel and I are performing "Grenade", by Bruno Mars. We learned the chords E, F, C, G. I really like the song and I hope to learn another great song this week.

October 1 2012
Last week was very successful. The performance was great and we played "Grenade". Right before the performance, Andrew joined our group and we showed him the chords and he played with us. This week Laurel, Dennis and I are playing "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. It was tricky to learn, but we are slowly learning together. There are bar chords in the song, but we are alternating the bar chords with regular ones. It made it a lot easier. We perform this Friday and I hope we do as well as we did last Friday. I am exciting to present this Thursday because we have a Pro-D-Day on Friday and one on Monday. I am glad I picked this course and can't wait to learn more.

October 9 2012
After the long weekend, I feel pretty good. Last week was great as well, we performed "Rolling in the Deep" and it was successful. This week Laurel and I, with maybe Dennis, might be playing "Super Bass" by Nikk Minaj. It might be tricky song but we will figure it out one way or another. If we don't do that song we might pick an easier song to do, which will hopefully be as fun. With another four day week this week, the performances will probably be pushed back to next week, which will give us more time to perfect our song we choose. Can't wait to write again, wishing for more fun and learning

Octobr 15 2012
It was another successful week last week when Laurel and I played Super Bass. I thought it went well, but everything could be done better. This week is going to be a busy week, for me, as I have more homework and outside things to do, it will be hard to make time for everything. We haven't picked a song to practice this week, but it will probably be a hip hop song or R&B song. For we only have done those songs so far this course. I hope it won't be too chaotic this time, hopefully it goes smoothly and in a calm fassion with no stress. I will sayif I make it through this week and if I live through it or not.

October 22 2012
The long weekend was very good for relaxing and taking a break from the busy week that was before it. This week is another busy one, and for guitar, I am still practicing "I'm Yours", by Jason Mraz. It is a really basic song, only containing four chords, which are G, D, C, and E, but this week performances consisted of bar chords. These kind of chord are more difficult than other kind of chords. After we learn these kinds of chords, than we will be able to learn any note and chord. It's tricky because we have to put a full finger covering a whole fret, but i am slowing working on it and hopefully I will be ready for Friday. Everything will go fine, I hope, but it usually does with my friends.

October 29 2012
I am feeling really good right now because I just finished a massive test on WWI. I am relieved to say that I finished it. But sadly that is the beginning of what is to come. Moving on to last week performances, it went well and we had 5 people in the group. This week we are learning a new song, but now we have to stay on schedule because from now on, we only get a week to practice the song we choose. We havent chose what we are playing yet, but it will probably be same old, same old. I will update the song next week when I have already performed it, but hopefully all goes well, like usual.

November 5 2012
This week is going to be a pretty easy week, but its going to be followed by a very hard week. I am very grateful for the next 2 weeks only being 4 days. So last week was a successful week and our performance went well. The thing is, we pre-recorded our performance because my partner, Laurel, was not feeling to well to perform on the actual day. Recording seems to be a lot easier because people arent staring at you, and if you make a mistake you can always just retry. The song that we performed was California Girl by Rihanna. It was pretty simple, but it took us forever to find the right song because everything else was hard to perform. This week we still have't chosen our song, but like usual, someway we will get through it. I am also learning another song, on the side, which is called twilight. Dennis is helping me learn the son. It is really tricky to understand, but I am slowly getting use too.

November 13 2012
The long weekend was awesome. All I did was play Halo 4, but now I am going to start playing Black Ops 2. It was just released at 12 am this morning and I will start playing it sometime this week. Moving on to guitar, we aren't going to start performing yet from last week because my teacher, recently fell down the stairs. I am still learning twilight that Dennis taught me and I am making good progress so far. I also learned "This Love" by Maroon 5. I forgot everything that we learned last week. This week we are probably learning a new song which I will have to learn further more. I'll see was happens, but until next time.

November 19 2012
We performed last week, and it went well. Laurel and I performed "This Love", and we did great, but it wasn't for marks. Now this week we start fresh and learn a new song. Hopefully Mr. Mancell will return and be healthy, but for now we still have a TOC. Also, this week we have a four day week as well which is pretty exciting. Can't wait till the weekend.

November 26 2012
It's another week and Mr. Mancell its't back, so we have to wait to perform. I have been learning "Halo" by somebody that I don't remember. This time I am working in a big group of about 6 people. It takes the stress off and it is not as magnified on only two performers. I am also finishing up "twilight", but I only have the beginning part and there is still a lot to learn. This weekend was pretty good, it was relaxing, like usual, and all I did was game. It is a pretty bad habit, but it takes the stress off of everything else in life. Hopefully I can find a job to replace it. I can imagine that Mr. Mancell is doing well, and recovering to come back to school. Till next time...

December 3 2012
We finally have hit December. A start of a new holiday season, but hopefully it's not too cold. This weekend was a pretty boring weekend, all I did was line soccer games, go out for dinners and did a little gaming. This week, is going to be pretty relaxing though because I am positive that I don't have any tests, hopefully. This week Laurel and I are learning some song that I don't know the name of. It is like "Tell me why" by the Back Street Boys I think but don't know for sure. Its a good song though and will be an easy performance. Can't wait to the weekend, it is becoming my favourite days of the week, sadly.

December 10 2012
Last week, Laurel and I played a "Back Street Boys" song and we did fine. This week we are either doing a Christmas song or another hip hop song. It is coming down to Winter Break soon and I am excited, but before it comes i got to endure many major tests in my subjects, which I am not looking forward to. But everyone has to do it and I will try my best to complete all of my tests. I am having major headaches recently and hopefully it won't get worse coming towards the cold season, hopefully I get better for next week, till next time

January 7 2013
ITS THE NEW YEAR!!! That was a very deserved break and I wish it was longer. I slept, ate, gamed and played basketball the whole two weeks. Got sick and got better and celebrated Christmas and New Years happily. I wish that the break was a month but sadly it wasn't. This week I am to lazy to think of what song we are doing or what I am doing, but it's all good because we always think of something that goes good. Till next time.

January 14 2013
This week and last week we were learning how to write a song. My song I am working on is not the best thing ever made but it is very simple. We are doing worksheets for the first time this year and a lot are coming. We are also learning a new song other than the song writing. Laurel and I are playing some song by Pink. All I have to do for the song is make chords that fit with it. I don't know how to do this because I don't know how to sing and wouldn't know how to make a melody that would fit with it. All I need is luck and someone to help me do it for me :P
Wish me luck to get me through this week.

January 21 2013
Last week we finished writing a song and my song was called "Simple". We also re wrote a song with the same melody and chords but different lyrics. I changed the song "Surrender" by Billy Talent. Those assignments were both worth a lot a marks but I managed to finish it. The next two weeks are going to be so stressful but all I have to do is study hard and be on task and I will be able to be successful in the is semester. I am also playing the song "Sunflower by Paddy Sun and i just have to get the beat down and I will be done.
end of the semester is near.