hi, my name is kayvean and basketball is my life. basketball is all i think about, i wake up and go play basketball in the glen gym every morning, after school i go and play basketball with my friends at any court that is open. im on the school team and this year our goal is to win districts, and qualify for provincials after finishing top 3 in fraser valleys. i was mvp last season and i am going to try and get mvp again this year. i hope to get a athletic basketball scholarship to any school that will take me. it would really help if i grew to atleast 6'1 because i am a shooting gaurd and all shooting gaurds are over 6'3 in the NBA. Kobe bryant is my favorite player, i watch his games and try to shoot the way he does and dribble the way he does. i try to think like him when im in games because to me he is the greatest player to ever play the game alongside michael jordan. i was put into guitar by my counceller and i have no clue how to play guitar i just hope i dont fail.
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Last week for our performance ayraj, Aj, Reese, and i played hero -by Enrique Iglesias. we did not practice very much through the whole 2 weeks we had, but on the last day we started panicking and pretty much learnt the whole song in the last 2 days... we didnt do as bad on this performance as the one from the previous performance where we performed viva la vida -by Coldplay.

Last friday i was sick and i didnt come to school so i wasnt able to do my performance. the song we were practicing was sunday morning- Maroon 5. i didnt like it at first but then after i learnt how to play it, it got stuck in my head and i kept singing it. by myself of course because i am a terrible singer.

Next week i will be playing hallelujah by jeff buckley. it seems like a hard song but i will try my best. i am especially nerveous for this performance because i will be performing alone and i am very scared of performing by myself because if i mess up everybody will notice. if i find the song too hard and i think i will mess up during the performance then i will chage the song and find an easier one.

last week for our performance ayraj, brandon, and I played Call Me Maybe -Carly Rae Jepson. it didnt sound like the actual song because we were using a different strumming pattern, the original one is too fast and difficult. We used all the same chords and it sounded much bettter than any other song we have done in the past.

Next week Ayraj, Brandon, Aj, and I will be playing Deck The Halls. we are playing this because it is a simple and very common christmas song that everybody is sure to know. it will be fun because we are singing and maybe the class can join in and make it more fun and enjoyable.