Hello, my name is AJ, and welcome to my webpage!


I am not a huge fan of the musical arts, I'll admit, but I find that everyone needs it in their life from time to time. I know how to play clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and I can play some beats on the battery. However, I don't know how to play guitar!

I originally wanted to take this guitar class because I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar since I was a kid. I always thought the way you moved your fingers on strings and how it would just make sounds like that was pretty darn cool. During our break time in middle school band, I'd always try to take my friend's guitar and try the opening to smoke on the water.

I went through a little heavy metal phase in my seventh grade (I think some people can relate!) and it just furthered my want to learn guitar. Last year, in my eigth grade, my friend Aaron just found an electric guitar lying around in his house and started teaching himself how to play. We'd go on Skype, and he'd show me new songs he was practicing; it was awesome how quickly he learned. I suppose this pushed me to want to learn guitar even more; Aaron learned how to play guitar rather fluently in under a month. Now, he's great at it, and I'm surprised to see how fast he learned.

I hope to be able to play all kinds of cool songs by the end of this semester. So far, it's been great (even though I've only learned three chords) and I just can't wait to learn my first song. Guitar is easier to learn than I though, it just takes practice, I suppose. Oh, and a good tolerance to calluses and blisters!

About me

Other than my passion to learn guitar, I do have other things I love to do. For one, and this is the response that always pops up first in my head when someone asks me what my passions are, I love my computer. Maybe not as much as other people (or as much as I'd like!), but I still enjoy going on my computer to play some games after coming back from school. It's been like this for a couple of years now, and I really don't think I can get away from my computer sometimes. Sometimes I even push homework aside, telling myself I'll do it when I'm done! Though I don't think it's worth being grounded for a week by my parents for missing an assignment...

I also love to hang out with friends when I can. Although I don't do so as much as I'd like to, going over to my friend's houses are always a blast. At some point in the summer, I'd be going over to my best friend's house every weekend. Even when I couldn't get a ride, I'd bike up to his house; even though I'd always arrive sweaty from the ride up the mountain...

I also like to play soccer, but I'm currently extremely out of shape because I went on vacation this summer, and my family loves to cram food down my throat. But on season, I try hard to be a good player. Even though I can't be the best, because there are some great players everywhere, I try to improve and get as close as I can to those really good players on my team. I currently play midfield, which is a position I enjoy because it doesn't require a lot of shooting, which I am terrible at. Haven't scored a single goal in my seven years of soccer.


Performance #1
Rock You Like A Hurricane (Intro) by Scorpions
Solo performance

Performance #2
Hero by Enrique Iglesias
Me, Ayraj, Kayvean and Reese

Performance #3
Tangerine by Led Zepplin
Me, William, Patrick, Diego
(Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the class in which we performed)

Performance #4
Glad you came by The Wanted

Performance #5
School by AJ
Me and Reese
For this performance, we had to write our own song. I wrote mine and preformed with Reese.