Weekly report,
this week we learned the song called Somthing In The Air and the fingerpicking, we practised and sang it together. We got 25 in the end,it's pretty good~ I had some experience about learning guitar, so this week's song is not very difficult to me. However, some of my teammates hadn't learned guitar before, it's a little bit hard for them. Fortunately, we finished it successfully.

Weekly report,
this week we worked on a new Chinese song called "Tongnian". In English, it means the childhood. We are going to try this song today, and,good luck to us.The coming new week we think that we will work on am English song, but we haven't decided which one to play yet. I would talk about it next Monday.

Weekly report.
It was a short week last week, there was only four days in it. Because of that ,our performence would be on this week. We are going to play an English song called One Tin Soildier. I bet it would be a good song.

weekly report,
Last week we finished our song, it's pretty good, we still don't know what to play, next week there would be a big report.

weekly report
this weekend was really awful, my family moved our house to apartment.It was really tired and I was alomst get sick. We haven't deicided which song to play this week, maybe Count On Me. However, this song was once played by other groups, so we are still not sure about that.

weekly report,
we are going to use F in this week's performance. at first it's really difficult , now it's a little bit better. hope we can do well this week.

weekly report,
I went to PNE this week haha~(just kidding)
We are going to play a very popular song. However, it's difficult because it's hard to find the rhysim.
Still, I can not play it smoothily.
ASbout the name........
you c an guess~

weekly report,
last week we didn't play the song we would like to do, may be this week.

weekly report,
we have a four day's holiday this week, so we are going to play just one song in two weeks. We are going to play Count on me

weekly report,
this week is another short week, haha~
hope that we don't need to play a song this week.
also, where's our real guitar teacher?
Is him on a holiday?
guess so, hope him to be back soon
our new teacher is pretty good, good to us

weekly report,
finally we come to a normal week which means that there are five days in a week.
we are going to play Count On Me .
hope it's good though.

weekly report
unfortunately we didn't play that song last week and maybe...
we are not going to play that even this week
this week it is going to be a really nice song
the way to play it is really awesome
i have been trying taht since last week
hopefully doing well

weekly report,
two weeks left fort Christmas which means two songs left
we haven't decided what tio play

Oh yeah Christmas is coming
and im gonna back to China
see you next year

First week after Christmas and now I know we are going to write a song by ourselves, horrible!
Welcome our teacher, He's back .

this whole week we were writing the song.
in fact i am still confused about how to do that
something worse, i forgot doing my homweork

this is the last week of this semister, we have done a really great work. Unfortunately I do not have guitar class for next semister, but i will continue practising my guitar.^^